Nowdays Agario getting viral game

A term we hear frequently is You should increase or be destroyed by those more capable than you and survive. hack is just a sport that takes that idea to facility. It is not difficult, consume or be loved. Take full advantage of these poorer than one to bear. This might seem to be gladiator- esque game. Agario hack includes an online variable and straightforward wagering aspects to make an addictive game. As a simple cell you play in hack. To ensure agar io hack that your cell to develop you should absorb tissues but be skeptical of the tissues bigger than you who want to do the same. This type of sport is clearly old. In fact, among our most actions that are addictive is extremely similar. Yet, hack contains a couple more tips that make in lot addictive. In inclusion it gets slower, as your cell gets greater. That makes they are absorbed by it and hard for you smaller tissues to be found by yourself. As a way to catch tissues that are additional you have a few movements available. The control may task 50% of your size in the course you’re training. You better be sure your size is not smaller than them, even though this lets you fire yourself at different tissues. Desire to make sure there are not any cells that are substantial waiting to eat you up after you’re divided in two. The second control allows you to eject smalls portions of your dimension. Doing this is not unlikely to make you smaller, however it can come in suitable at times which are specific. For instance, in the event you should readily avoid you’ll find a way to discard some mass never to be unable to go-faster. Some size could also throw into another cell to slow it down. These plays equally and a big part within the game’s strategy execute with. You expect to do something and can’t just slowly maneuver around. The last point making hack superb will be the ingredient that is online. You are perhaps not just enjoying against numerous pc-guided cells. Different persons as if the other tissues are being controlled by you you observe all. During the display’s top- perfect spot it’s not impossible to bring a leader-board up. You are able to see which man happens learn what area you’re in, and to be the biggest around the graph. It offers a competitive variable to the sport which makes it addictive. The handles for hack function relatively well. To move you merely take on your hand everywhere across the show. It is as enjoying on line version, much less simple, however it performs to get a mobile method. We had love to see a method to understand together with the accelerometer. Basic, it works quite pretty much, and it is a good strategy to benefit from the the activity while. It’s possible for you to obtain bargain for Android below for free. Likely you’ll be discovered by us within the game!

GTA 5 Free Download Guide

GTA 5 is sure to be one of the months that most remember loyal players to PCs, this because it is at this time where the game GTA action V, which was released in beginning only console was launched, but due to the claims of many gamers, it was finally developed for PC. This game is about the stories of three characters who live in the fictional town of Vinewood and San Andreas, where one (Franklin Clinton) is a gang member who seeks to make a living with different tort but fails facts, making the jump to learn Michael De Santa, which is who will be a sort of mentor and teach you everything he knows about making money robbing banks and otherwise unknown to him. But you can not miss the inclusion of Trevor Phillips, one of the craziest characters in the Grand Theft Auto series in general, very conflictual and immersed in the business of weapons, drugs, theft, gang fights and everything you can imagine, or almost everything.


The most interesting thing about this release is that you’ll be able to play simultaneously with three characters, each with their own life story, making it very entertaining main story and side, to which the factor is added to each has special abilities (Franklin with driving, Michael and Trevor eventually with weapons), which makes this a great game. In addition, GTA 5 Free Download PC includes first-person mode, for players who get bored of the classic third-person mode and thus have a different perspective of the game, very entertaining if you’re driving or want to hit someone.


Regarding the level of difficulty, this is standard, where as you progress is being placed more difficult. Also highlights the variety of weapons, from pistols, knives, machine guns, grenade launchers to rocket launchers to shoot down helicopters. And the latter is another point to consider, the variety of vehicles, there are bicycles, cars, trucks, buses, helicopters, planes, fighter planes, boats, submarines and more realistic. Certainly they have missed many more things to mention, but there are so many that would require a more extensive for this post, so the remainder will discover as you play this entertaining game.


Pay attention to the beginning of the game, which is the origin of the whole story will come next, so you will be much more fun if you do it well. In this post you will find some videos below where you can see the trailer for this shooter, a video gameplays and also an analysis of the novelties for incorporating computer. And at the end you’ll find the links to download GTA V by MEGA in Spanish and full, for you to enjoy from your home.


Electric epilators are much higher-tech version of waxing or sugaring kits at home. Epilators involve one-time purchase and can be used to remove hair from many of the same body parts such as waxing products. Although waxing and using the epilator result in smooth, hairless, a method may be better suited to your needs.


Waxing & Hair Removal

With the exception of the laser hair removal home devices, most forms of return home only temporary hair removal results. Traditional methods of removing hair fall into two categories: hair removal, which removes the hair at the skin surface and includes shaving, depilatory use, sanding and polishing; and waxing, which takes on the entire hair by the root and includes waxing, threading, sugaring, waxing and using the epilator. Waxing gives results that can last a few days, but sometimes only hours. Waxing hair results in the skin follicle which remains free for much longer, three to six weeks.

About waxing

The wax is not a new aesthetic process, have been used for thousands of years. During the wax, hot beeswax is applied to the skin in a uniform film to capture hairs. A strip of fabric or paper is placed on top of the wax and then quickly ripped off, carrying with it the hair. Although kits are available for purchase in most pharmacies, drug stores and beauty supply stores and can be done at home, cosmetics Examiner Paula Begoun has advise you to seek the services of a beautician experienced before trying to do it yourself. At home waxing kits can run from $ 25 to $ 75, as of the time of publication. You can expect to pay between $ 20 and $ 200 for professional hairdressing services, depending on the body part being treated.


How to use of an epilator

Electric epilators look and handle much like electric shavers, but rather than a series of rotating blades, rows of tiny rotating clamps are at the head of the unit. So how to use of an epilator? This allows more hair to grab and pulled as the epilator passes over the surface of the skin. As electric shavers, epilators are charged using a conventional power cord. Hair Rotary is strictly a procedure at home, whose success depends on the choice of a state-of-the-art device. Epilators will remove hair in areas that are difficult to treat as the bikini line are also available for purchase. The cost of a rotary epilator typically ranges from $ 40 to $ 120.


Both waxing and hair removal come with their share of discomfort; your success in the use of these techniques depends on your pain tolerance. Both techniques can lead to undesirable results when used incorrectly. Waxing and hair removal rotary can break hair at the skin surface rather than removing all the hair. Inflammation can occur due to repeated pulling on the hair. Novices often find that it takes more than one try before the hair is sufficiently far, epilators are to be adopted in the same area of skin to remove the hair in its entirety. Likewise, beginners to home waxing can see that despite all their efforts, they are unable to remove all the hair simply because they have not mastered the correct technique. The wax is not only messy, it can be difficult to get the right consistency of wax, and you can even burn your skin.

The advantages

Hair removal or by waxing, sugaring or using a rotary trimmer can be the best bet for most troublesome body hair. Shaving and depilatory cream cannot be completely effective aesthetic of perspective for those dark, curly hair; hair removal leaves behind a shade of hair follicles that can be just as obvious that the emerging stubble.

Free Watch The Walking Deas Season 6 All EPI

 “The Walking Dead” could in Season 6 figures offer that have been missing in many places entirely. Soldiers could play a greater role in the new season, we interpret an actual casting call correctly. But in what the military mission will be traveling?


Here and there the question has already been discussed: What’s wrong with the military in “The Walking Dead”: Why do soldiers hardly played a role? A question that will clarify under circumstances in Season. 6 As “Project Casting” lets you know looking the Casting Representative of “The Walking Dead” is currently for staff, which will correspond to a “military-type”. At issue is cast around Atlanta and asked were male candidates with “Circassian look” between 35 and 55. The men should be about 1.80 meters as if they had a story__book career in the army” behind.



The big question: How exactly this new staff of The Walking Dead in Season 6 will be installed? Will it be a friendly scenario to support the survival group led by Rick Grimes aka be Andrew Lincoln (42) and Co.? So come to the aid of soldiers, if it is as good as hopeless in the fight against Wolves or Walker? Or leave Daryl aka Norman Reedus (46) and its allies may Alexandria to drive a military base? If even the hope of support brutally disappointed and a group of marauding soldiers proves worse than all other enemies?


Still more violent would be another scenario that could involve the military in Season 6 also: An abandoned army camp, where a zombie army lies in wait. What the guys always run with the heavy weapons in “The Walking Dead” in Shields: Starting this fall, it will certainly not peaceful when the Surviver the zombie Apocalypse fighting for their lives.


In “The Walking Dead Season 6” nobody should feel safe, so far was the credo for the series, which has now reached squadron. 6 Of course, there will be one or the other character who is almost indispensable, the fans think yet. Finally obeys “TWD” the usual TV-mechanics, that a strong format depends on its strong figures. The usual candidates for this view would be so far Rick Grimes aka Andrew Lincoln (42) or Daryl Dixon aka Norman Reedus (46) have been. Now Robert makes part of the that future has another person to be regarded as virtually untouchable. The creator of the series called Carol, played by Melissa McBride (50) than that which is indispensable.


The “The Walking Dead” mastermind had Carol already created in the comics. In the TV output, the figure had reached a dimension, however, they let protrude from the other ensemble. “The Carol of the comic was to show my attempt how much the zombie apocalypse can break an individual,” says Kirkman. “The Carol in the series, which is frankly a much better character, has become stronger through all the terrible things that have happened to her.” In this respect, currently is option: “They would kill SEASON 6 definitely not … we can not do that.” The role played by McBride zombie fighter has in the series is actually an immense development behind it.


Carol lost her husband and daughter cruelly and still managed to Season 6 to be in “The Walking Dead Season 6 ” universe into a strong and convincing member of the Survival Group. The decisions of TAFFEN® Lady are now often more elaborate and less emotional than those of actual Leitwolf Rick. Such a column will collapse in Season 6 by no means. What happens after that, despite Kirkman’s statement remains totally open.

Tips and Tricks for the Ultimate Rowing Machine Experience

Having the ultimate workout is an important aspect of exercising since the harder you work, the more results you’ll see and the better you’ll feel. When you buy a machine to help you achieve this goal, it’s important to know some of the tips and tricks to achieve this ultimate experience with your machine, especially a rowing machine. As simple as it seems to use, knowing these tips can help you make the most of your machine as well as ensure you have the right rowing machine for you.


As you searching for the right machine, you’ll want to consider your height since not all rowing machines are created equal, which can be said for most exercising equipment. You’ll want to match your height to the correct length for the rowing machine since you’ll be almost fully extended on it when you’re starting or completing each stroke. You’ll also want to consider ones with adjustable foot straps since none of us have the same shoe or foot size. If you can’t find one that fits quite right, a quick homemade job can do the trick for you with the purchase of extra Velcro.

On top of the length and foot straps for your person on the machine, you’ll also want to consider where the screen is located on the machine since you may want to see your progress as you work through your time intervals and strokes. Some machines have a raised level while others are mounted to the frame. Your sitting height will determine the right place for your screen for your needs. Another important aspect to having your screen where you can see it is the option for a split time display where you can track progress between your previous and current sets of strokes and distances you’ve completed, tracking your overall progress in the goals you’ve set for yourself.

When you’ve brought your machine home and have it set up just right for yourself, you’ll want to begin your workouts by picturing yourself rowing an actual boat down a river or across a lake. By mimicking these actions, you’ll be more apt to maintain proper posture and technique like how you hold the bar with an overhand grip. You’ll also learn that where you start your stroke is where you’ll end.

As you continue using your rowing machine, you’ll learn more tips and tricks on your own about how to achieve the ultimate workout for yourself so you’ll receive the best benefits and results. By using the ones laid out for you in the purchase of your new rowing machine and how to get started, you’ll become a professional in little to no time at all. With the benefits of using a rowing machine, the more tips you have to give you more experience, the better you’ll be able to master your technique and achieve those benefits.


How To Get Free Line Rangers Rubies and Coins

This day, I am writing this guide to show you how you can get free line rangers rubies and coins in your ios and android mobile device. If you think it is not possible, you need to read this. You will know that these are the most important thing you need if you are in serious in finishing the game and moving to another one. Maybe you think that all the ones on the internet are not working or have one unwanted file that you can’t install. You don’t have to be afraid because, I have a way of adding all these items to my game without me paying a dime as I don’t have the cash to spend. You too can use it to get free coins in your game.


With the help of a working line rangers hack no survey tool which I found on the internet few days ago, I have been able to play the game and finish missions that was difficult before for me to pass through. I am now proud to say that I can play every corner of the game without asking for help. I just add items and play so fast and in a easy way. I am also able to help other get items free for line rangers, if they don’t know how to get them. Perhaps if you are good in clicking with your device, you can proceed to the site where you will get all the required items like unlimited rubies and coins free in the game. You will have access to other hacks that work and can help you in latest games or popular ones available for download.

Most of you may think that this one will require a download, but it doesn’t. It only request that you connect with an updated browser. From it, you will be able to login and add all the items you need in the game for free. You can give it a try and you will be surprised on what you will add with this amazing line rangers glitch site that delivers working stuffs.

As I said previously it is free as of the time I used it. You should not let this opportunity pass you by. Take it and add unlimited line rangers rubies and coins to your game, so that you can play it in an easy way.

I hope you enjoyed reading this wonderful post concerning this game tool, kindly use drag racing hack no jailbreak of you an ios user who play any form of drag game.

Fifa 16 Coin generator 2016

Football has become our mobile devices with FIFA 16. EA Sports game queen big, again, that we would give great balls can move the ball, scoring goals and becoming the best players. But if you need help we brought you some advice.


To put goal!


First things first, though we want to concentrate on the boards, we have to say that FIFA 16 is a crack mobile games. If you are passionate of football we do not know why they have not yet installed. EA again offering a game that is a must and that you will have very hooked on the screen of your device.


One of the changes introduced in this new release of the game is related to artificial intelligence AI controlled players. This means that defenses are going to get much tougher when it comes to block our way. They prevent the simplest scoring plays and we can check if we do not get serious. No longer serves that we hit run with the ball from field to field, far from it.


In this case, if we get a goal, we have to play as a team. The field will have to look and analyze everything that happens. Have you seen a fellow comes forward and stays free? Then throw the ball with a great pass. It’s all about finding the opportunity and the moment. A good recovery time means a clear chance of scoring. And do not forget to be clear about what power we will shoot the ball. The strongest shots are not always the best, as we finish with the ball in the stands.


Do not be marked!

And now that we know and put goal, the following is preventing us mess. The technique of kicking the ball at the moment it enters our field, is not very useful. Yes, it will clear the ball and avoid a possible goal, but probably less than 1 minute have problems again. In defense it is best to have possession of the ball. This requires that we make good passes, which gradually go deeper into the field and leave the peaceful goal and the greatest possible amount of time.


FIFA February 16

If we have ability and see you will not be able to do some more dribbling, but beware the artificial intelligence of the game, because they are not exactly crippled. Intelligence has been customized to press with greater force as the game that we see can hurt. And we took advantage of opportunities to score, they also use them. There’s no one to stay halfway.


In defense must also know how to retrieve the ball. It is important to change the player at the right time and have a complete picture of where our men are. Avoid failures, knowing the right time to enter and force the opponent to make a mistake. If you harass an opponent is also good knowing anticipate what this can do to defend the ball and pass to a teammate who is near. And if we intercept passes, and we will be kings, because we will have the opportunity to get balls in dangerous moves and fight with all the aggressiveness that is capable of sport.


But above all, we recommend practice, lots of practice, because the best players do not come from nowhere, but are formed after games and items. For unlimited Fifa 16 coins Please Visit

Fifa 16 coin generator


[Easiest Way] Find Password For anybody’s Instagram account – Hack Instagram

Spying Instagram account – Instagram Password Finder

Instagram is a social network, and is a software application or square photos to share with other users, and you can modify these pictures with graphics filters for editing. And what we present in this article is Instagram Password Finder, the program for PC and App for iPhone and Android, is the best tool to hack Instagram accounts.



Using Instagram hack is free, valid for all countries and also available in 18 languages ​​including Spanish of course. To use this app or anything not computer knowledge is required, you can hack accounts quick and easy Instagram.

How to hack an account with Instagram Password Finder?

First of all tell you that this program is more reliable and effective tools to hack instagram.

  • What we need to do is download the program from the
  • According to where we downloaded (PC, Smartphone, iPad …) us one version or another appears. Get the username you want to hack. We introduce in the designated box. Password
  • For this step we must be connected to the Internet, click the ‘Hack’ button will access the account and the victim can view the photos and reviews, also we will get a sign with your password.
  • In the PC version there are many options as to download the photos in automatic, see the latest comments, friends, likes…

Characteristics of software to hack an Instagram:

  • No one will know that these hacking Instagram, everything is anonymous.
  • Once downloaded you can always upgrade, more downloads are not needed.
  • Valid for Iphone, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, Mac, Linux and Ubuntu.
  • You get all the account information you spy Instagram.

Hope you find this helpful. Visit our site here to download the tool.

Google Play Gift Cards Rocking In Digital Contents

It’s been a year since the Google Play gift cards were announced, and they are gradually becoming available in more countries. Now it is the turn of France and Germany to be concerned.

With gift cards that are available from the start in Carrefour, it is not only possible to buy the card in the store, for gift or for yourself. The $ 15, 25$ or 50 $ Google Play Gift Cards gives an access to the equivalent value of applications and content on Google Play, with the exception of subscriptions, magazines, and materials that can be sold on the site . The cards have no validity, and allow you to buy without paying online.


Compatible with the law on the single price for digital books :

Google Play gift cards were interesting to watch because they could raise the question of compatibility with the law on the single price for digital books, in Germany and France also.

Indeed, if the proposed card at a promotional price, one could consider that there is circumvention of the law on the single price for digital books. A problem already met at the launch of the first Nexus 7 in which a credit of 20 $, the Play Store could not be used for ebooks, but also by Apple in Germany with his iTunes card. True gifts (available credit) or discounts on the cards could be considered a circumvention of the law on the single price.

Clearly, Google Play Gift card is not a problem, and seems consistent with the different legislations. Click Here to know more about google play gift cards.


The cards to buy ebooks :

These gift cards will in any case become an indirect competitor of ebook cards, cards that have just arrived in France, among others in France Loisirs with eBook direct, after experiencing a real success across the Atlantic Livrada, and Germany with


There are actually three types of cards: the ebook cards, which allow to buy a specific ebook, cards to choose an ebook (eg the Kobo iBooks card), and cards for numerous content, such as iTunes Gift Card or so now Google Play Gift Card. In all cases, this increases the sales channels for ebooks.

A few hours of the conference will be an opportunity to formalize the new Nexus 7, and while Google Play book has been launched in 13 new European countries in a few weeks, the arrival of gift cards confirms that Google accelerates its launches at this time. It only needs magazines that provides complete digital reading.

Dungeon boss tips, tricks, cheats and hacks

Hey there!

Today we will be talking about a very addicting game; dungeon boss. I have installed it on my Android a few days ago and I must say I wasn’t expecting such a good game. But anyways, straight to the point, now that I can consider myself as a rookie-advanced player I’m going to share with you a few tips, tricks and even hacks and cheats for this game…. But pshhhtt don’t tell it to your friends, you obviously want to be better than them at this game.


But first things first, how about I tell you what dungeon boss is all about. It’s a lovely RPG that came out a few years ago and has taken over the wallet of many kids out there. But have no worries, I will help you not spend a single penny and be a king in this game, just like me. Basically, you chose your heroes and you go on an adventure defeating various dungeons each unlocking you new stuff or making you earn money.

You are going to take a 4-hero party beside you to fight. As you advance through levels, you will end up unlocking more heroes. Make sure that the heroes you select have an elemental edge above their enemies before heading out to get an assignment

What you need to know is that, although the graphics are nice looking and very adorable you’ll have to fight from frozen mountain tops to murky dungeons. The first tip would be that you have to invest in your team and upgrade them whenever you get a little amount of money.

Alternatively, I have found this site that offers the best cheats, and more precisely on the dungeon boss hack page you’ll be able to generate how much money you want. I haven’t personally tried them but I have learned a lot of good things about them.

The growth story of Indian Mobile Recharge

According to recent reports mobility company Ericsson, the mobile technology is advancing at such a rate that is expected within 5 years it would be very common in countries like India to get most of the mobile payments and ecommerce happening over smart phone. That brings us to an important point of mobile recharge on the go. The technology that helps people charge money in to their mobile is growing at an astonishing pace in these markets.

Mobile Subscriptions are expected to increase twice and smart phones will reach 603 million, ie, 86% of Indians use that device. Along with the increase of smart phones will grow data usage. India and China top the list with 73%. Paytm Promo Code is the leader in the mobile recharge market and it has seen its market share soar. This led to investments from Alibaba founder Jack ma.


Globally Asia pacific is the region where the largest growth areas of the world. Emerging markets like India and china are the engines of growth for this and studies have proven and there is empirical evidence as to where the Smartphone penetration growth is going to come from. With their relatively low penetration growth, higher population and increasing buying power, behind Asia Pacific.

The network expansion (both 3G and 4G), lower terminal prices and the emergence of a host of applications are driving increased adoption of smart phones by Indian and Chinese mobile users. In fact with their low penetration of wired phones, they were able to leapfrog to the next generation of mobile technology as they did not have any old technical baggage. This could be one of the reasons why rate of adoption of mobile payments is higher in these markets in general.

Paytm Promo Code

This is also changing the business for mobile operators, as demand grows so does mobile data usage. And every year until 2020, mobile video traffic will grow by 55% a year. This growth is due to changing customer preferences toward streaming video services and the growing prevalence of online video content, including news, advertising and social networking. This could only mean one thing. Customer need to do charge their smart phones more frequently to buy more.


Most Indians do not have a bank account, so the implementation of mobile charging and payment solutions is easier and promotes financial inclusion. In recent months, mobile payments are gaining confidence in these regions and growing, which benefits not only consumers. More and more small businesses and merchants, who only accept cash, are using their phones to receive payments, helping them to increase sales and to end the long lines to pay.

Regionally, today the countries that are ahead with mobile payments are Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.

Banks are also pushing for the expansion of mobile commerce applications and use the phone as a channel.


Throughout Indian a silent momentum has began to put a “buy” button on phones and tablets users and web applications.

If this trend continues, Indians and Chinese would become global leaders in the use of Internet and mobile payments within the next five years.


WhatsApp: 16 tricks you do not know including what to use the app without phone number

WhatsApp continues to be the app for instant messaging most used and which one could not do without, despite the presence of some alternatives even better, and above all free.



WhatsApp is now an integral part of our lives, we use it every day to keep in touch with friends and family, but you are really convinced that they know everything about him?

Suppose no because the app conceals some tricks from hackers that when applied it can further improve the user experience and make it even more engaging.

We bring them back below one by one:

WhatsApp use without phone number

Strange but true, despite WhatsApp bases its operation on our mobile number, it can also be used without. And ‘you need to uninstall the app if you had already installed, download and re-install it again by setting the phone to airplane mode to block any message reception.

Now choose the mode of verification via SMS by entering your email address. Click “send” and right after “cancel” to stop the process of identification. Download the app Spoof Text Message (Android) or Fake-a-Message (iPhone).Copy the message still in the mail box ‘Outgoing’ and send it with the app of the fake messages together with your email address. The system will send a message to that number fake, that you can use to start using WhatsApp.

Disable the automatic download of pictures

To avoid draining millions of photos sent in by friends, just go in the settings menu of the app, IM settings, Auto-download Media and choose the option that is right for us.

Hiding the time of your last access

The last access time in practice allows our contacts know when you are online and when not. You can easily hide using an app named Not Last Seen: Once downloaded, simply check the “last block access” and save it.

Send files of any format

You will surely be aware that WhatsApp only allows sending of image format files, audio or video. However there is no way to even send text files, Excel spreadsheets and PDF, and is to install Dropbox and CloudSend connecting together the two apps: the link to the document that will be generated can be sent to friends via WhatsApp.

Having multiple accounts on the same app WhatsApp managing them

Operation easy enough! Download an app called SwitchMe. After installation, the app will allow you to create a second profile, and use them simultaneously.

Recover deleted messages

WhatsApp saves all your conversations on SD card of the smartphone: the folder WhatsApp> Database are all there, saved msgstore.db.crypt. You can retrieve just using a text editor.

Change the profile pictures of your friends

This is useful if you want to make a joke to a few friends. Take a picture of the size of 561 × 561 pixels and rename it with the phone number of your friend. Save it to your SD card, the folder Profile Pictures of WhatsApp. Obviously the edited photo will be visible only on our smartphones.

Hide your profile photo

To do that you must simply download WhatsApp Plus with which you can also make calls anonymous.

Change the background of conversations

If the backgrounds of series do not suit you just install on your smartphone WhatsApp PLUS Holo and choose the desired background for conversations.

Discovering statistics

Install WhatStat for WhatsApp and find out.

Cancel your account WhatsApp

Their contact is somehow “active” forever, even if you change SIM. To delete it finally must act settings, accounts, delete accounts. Entering your phone number deletion will be complete.

Create a fake conversation

Use WhatSaid, an app that will amaze your friends with fake conversations, even with celebrities.

Change the phone number without losing messages

If for some reason change sim, but you do not want to lose all your posts, you can do this from Settings, account number changes.

Send two pictures merged into one

To do this, we use two applications: Magiapp tricks for Whatsapp (Android) or FhumbApp (iPhone).

Spy friends on WhatsApp

Application, Spymaster PRO allows you to monitor and read everything I wrote one of the contacts on WhatsApp.

Enable voice notifications

For this feature, just install on Android Voice for notification and Text-to-speech. Then enable the voice notifications to Settings> Accessibility. Then restart the application to complete the change.

Some guys showing here on how to hack whatsapp you can check them.


Story on Shoes online

Today, many websites specialize in online sales of shoes.
So much so  that competition is very high in the market and now these sites have become shoe shops in terms of references for many consumers.

This is why well-known sites engage in promotional offers with discount coupons that can be found on various websites.These online sites selling shoes  offer a wide choice of shoes with many brands, and try the maximum to attract customers with offers that defy competition.  This wide selection of shoes and brands allows these sites to target a broad customer base although some site rather focused on female clientele.  These sites now have a large enough variety to sell many products so you have today that their customer loyalty.
What better than to give them lots of offers and therefore make people want to buy more shoes.
jabong shoes
Need a new pair of sneakers from Nike, a gift to a friend or just a desire for novelty in your wardrobe … There are so many opportunities to find a new pair of shoes!

Selling online is increasingly becoming popular.  In addition to these shoes sites try to advise you and help you out with your choices making sure to reflect what you wanted initially.  There are also a large number of criteria that allow you to select quickly the desired shoes.

Succumb to the temptation of new shoes at reduced prices with discounts coupons and offers.